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Italy, 1960. Grazia and Generoso Forgione opened a small fur work shop in the splendid World Heritage Site of Modica, birthplace of writer Salvatore Quasimodo , recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1959. In very few years, thanks to the skills of Grazia and Generoso in crafting high quality fur coats, la Pellicceria Forgione  soon became benchmark for those independent women searching for style and elegance.   Since he was a little child, the oldest of the four Grazia and Generoso’s sons Vincenzo, learned the ancient art of leather processing and the tanning techniques at the family’s fur work shop.

Inspired by the idea of giving to every woman elegance and style at their hands, in 2002 created a new line of exclusive handbags in Italian leather and fur, the Forgione Creations. Being so exclusive, this collection of handbags was caracterised by its peculiar style and the colourful texture of leather which gracefully meet with the sobriety of the mink fur .  

In 2014, Vincenzo’s children Marco and Simona, inspired by the willing of spreading the original father’s idea, joined the project and realised a new and exclusive set of fur bags specially tailored for each woman: Furbags, a very innovative concept of bag intended as a unique high quality product which could not be mass-produced. Furbags are more than a simple accessory for women, but a distinguishing feature. Each of them infact, has its own design, charateristics and story . Just like every single woman.

Totally hand crafted in Vincenzo Forgione fur work shop in Sicily, this new collection of exclusive handbags represent an innovation both in the design and texture, thanks to the new feature of the Intreccio, a brand new concept of fur and leather collage.

In order to be irreplaceble, one must always be different .



Uniqueness and Elegance. In making our collections, we select only the best furs and leather and we work them with the ancient artisans technique.

Innovation. The fur and leather creates the new Intreccio collage.

Made in Italy. Any of our creations is entirely designed  and then hand crafted  in our fur work shop in Modica, Sicily, thus granting the strong  Italian identity  of our brand.



Winter Collection 2015-16

In art as in love, instinct is enough



PELLICCERIA VINCENZO FORGIONE via Sacro Cuore 110/M – 97015 – Modica (RG) Italy info: info@vincenzoforgione.com

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